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L’Exquis Belgian Brie 150g

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L’Exquis Belgian Brie is made from Belgian cow’s milk. As it matures, this delicious cheese is covered with a fine white coat of Penicillium, making its sapâte creamy and melt-in-the-mouth, with a mild taste that doesn’t evolve much. These characteristics make l’Exquis Belgian Brie an accessible cheese for everyone.

L’Exquis is the brand for cheeses made with simplicity in mind, with the right maturation to obtain the ideal taste.

Did you know that 25% of bloomy rind cheeses consumed in Belgium are Brie? Did you know that Brie is eaten in both the north and south of the country? In fact, 52% of Flemings and 48% of Walloons eat Brie. Brie is the soft cheese category consumed by one out of every two households in Belgium.

Catégorie : Soft cheese with a bloomy rind

L’Exquis Belgian Brie 150g

Soft Brie cheese – of Belgian origin


  • Strength
  • Creaminess

Type of milk

  • Pasteurised cow’s milk
  • Origin: from family-run farms in Belgium

Goes with

  • Brie is a perfect match for honey and dried fruits
  • Preferably a blonde beer, for example the Abbaye du Val-Dieu blonde beer
  • Champagne, white wine (Chablis, Petit Chablis) or light red wines

Où l'acheter ?

Detailed information


  • Pasteurized cow’s milk
  • Salt
  • Rennet
  • Ferments


  • Contains cow’s milk


  • This cheese contains no lactose
  • EAN Code: 95411021103772
  • Units / box : 6
  • Fixed-weight cheese

Nutritional values

Per 100g Per serving (30g)
Energy (Kj) 1522 457
Energy (Kcal) 368 110
Lipids 32,6 9,78
including saturated fatty acids 21,5 6,45
Per 100g Per serving (30g)
Carbohydrates 0 0
including sugars 0 0
Protein 18,6 5,58
Salt 1,3 0,39