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Extensive know-how in cheese production

Fromage de Herve

In addition to being the No 1 producer of Herve PDO, Terre de fromages cheese makers have chosen to develop extensive expertise in cheese production development. Soft cheeses with washed or bloomy rinds, blue or semi-hard cheeses: if these various options are paired with different formats, texture, ripening processes, a wide range of possibilities can be opened up.

Thanks to this know-how coupled with flexible production facilities, the cheese manufacturer can respond to specific business to business requests.

Whether it involves specific cheeses, customised development, contract work, ripening processes each individual request is carefully analysed.

  • 30 recipes
  • 52 cheeses
  • 118 references

Terre de fromages transforms the equivalent of the production of 25 dairy farms in the Pays de Herve. Each year, our cheeses are consumed by 1 in 4 Belgian households.

Our cheeses are found in all good cheese shops nationwide. Terre de fromages sells its cheeses via a network of specialist wholesalers. The latter distribute to cheese shops, specialist outlets, restaurants, etc.

The cheeses can also be found in large retail outlets throughout Belgium.
Terre de fromages exports about 10 % of its production to the Netherlands, France, Germany, Sweden, Canada, etc.

Any investment and research relating to cheese manufacture is investigated to allow greater flexibility in the production line. This enables us to offer “tailor-made” products.

We have the know-how of master cheese makers who seek out the best technology for each product developed. Our Research and Development department is at the service of distributor own brands!

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