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The company’s philosophy is to combine the know-how of the past and the technology of today. The projects undertaken demonstrate the company’s desire to maintain agriculture on a human scale, to manufacture quality traditional products and to be part of its environment. The secret of its unique cheeses lies in the place of origin, the quality of the milk and the know-how of acknowledged master cheese makers.

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For thousands of years

The ingredients for producing cheese have not changed: milk, salt, rennet and lactic ferments. The milk comes from cows grazing in the fields of the Pays de Herve, the unspoilt landscape of its place of origin.
The processes remain unchanged: the cheese maker adds rennet to the milk to make it coagulate, he cuts the curds, drains the cheeses, adds salt, washes them, rubs them, lavishing attention on them throughout their manufacture and as they ripen. Actions which are learned and repeated, love of the work and knowledge of the product are part of a tradition which is always evolving.

In the Pays de Herve, there is only one way of making a good cheese: the one which passes from generation to generation. The secret of the manufacture of our cheeses lies in a precise and methodical ripening process predominantly done by hand.
The master cheese makers at Terre de fromages know their job. Aware of the century-old tradition, they attend to the long ripening process of their cheeses

Herve cheese

The master cheese makers of Terre de fromages know their job.

Meeting today’s requirements

while preserving traditions and conserving traditional methods for their ripening processes, Terre de fromages wanted to meet the requirements of people today:
Consistent product quality is assured by the centralisation of all production processes, which used to be separate, as well as precise ripening and control over all parameters (cellar temperatures, humidity rate, etc.).

Excellent control at every stage of production is possible thanks to technology and regular investment. Guaranteed product safety by setting up effective control tools.
New innovative products are being developed Research and Development department combining technical skills and creativity.

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