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Terre de fromages cheese makers



Once the milk has been received, the manufacturing process is carried out under strict hygiene conditions compliant with the requirements of HACCP norms..

All stages of the manufacturing process are monitored and checked and are compliant with detailed specifications.

Organic certification (BIO)

The cheese production facility has also received organic certification (BIO). Through a collection system of organic milk from the region, our range of cheeses has been expanded to include several organic cheeses.

IFS certification

Similar to the BRC norm, the Héritage 1466 – Terre de fromages cheese maker is IFS-certified at Higher Level. The IFS standard is an audit procedure based on the ISO 9001 norm and the HACCP system which is applied at each stage of the cheese manufacturing process. The IFS has been drawn up by representatives of the European foodstuff retail industry (mainly French and German). It covers Food Safety, requirements for good manufacturing practice, in the laboratory and for hygiene (BPH) and requirements for EU legislation concerning the use of allergens.