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Terre de fromages cheese makers

The production facilities

The production facilities

The cheese makers have developed around thirty different cheeses at the Herve site. Terre de fromages cheese makers have three production facilities for the manufacture of :

  • Soft cheese
  • Hard pressed cheese
  • Lactic curds

The soft cheese production facility

is where Herve cheeses PDO are produced (soft cheeses with washed rinds). It’s in this same facility equipped with smaller 200 litre units that the cow’s milk is transformed into curds by the action of the rennet and lactic ferments. The range of soft cheeses has also been expanded by other cheeses with bloomy rinds such as the famous Bouquet des Moines de l’Abbaye du Val-Dieu as well as cheeses with mixed rinds like the Délice des Moines and many others, such as blue cheeses.

In the hard pressed cheese production facility,

authentic Belgian Abbey (Abbaye) cheeses are produced, semi-hard cheeses with a natural rind which are delicious sliced or cubed for accompanying drinks. Here we also produce cheese products with red spices or green herbs. By hard pressing the cheese, we produce a firmer texture which can be sliced after ripening.

It’s in the lactic curd production facility

that the fromage de Bruxelles (Brussels cheese) comes into being. Low-fat, very salty and ripe, the fromage de Bruxelles is part of our Belgian cheese heritage. With our expertise in lactic curds, such as producing goat’s cheese in a log shape, we have been able to develop new recipes with cow’s milk such as Le Palet des Moines de l’Abbaye du Val-Dieu (Val-Dieu Abbey).

In relation to these three production facilities, our cheeses benefit from a slow ripening process in different cellars. Our cheese makers lavish the appropriate care for each type of cheese to bring them to maturity and develop their natural rinds. This know-how in ripening processes for a range of natural rinds is one of our specialties.