Master cheese makers in the cheese makers Herve Société
Terre de fromages cheese makers


Since 1983

Jean-Marc Cabay, a man who is attached to region he comes from, is the CEO of Terre de fromages cheese makers. His maternal and paternal grandparents were farmers in Charneux and in la Minerie, two small villages in the Pays de Herve. Both families manufactured and matured Herve cheese. In 1983, Jean-Marc’s father, who was still active in farming in the Pays de Herve, had the idea of creating a family business along with his 3 brothers.

In 1985

They took over Herve Société cheese makers, a company created through the merger of several regional producers. The cheese makers then bought Herve cheese from the farmers and started the cheese ripening process in the village of Petit-Rechain.

From 1985 to 1989

Herve Société took over other regional cheese makers such as the Aubeloise d’Aubel.

In 1989

Herve Société invested in a production facility and produced Herve cheese with pasteurised milk, while continuing to mature the farm cheeses made from raw milk.

In 1993

In 1993, Jean-Marc Cabay joined the family business.

In 1998

Herve Société took over the cheese-making segment of the Laiterie Régionale de Herve (the Herve regional dairy), producing, among others, cheeses such as Abbaye du Val-Dieu (le Bouquet Des Moines, le Val-Dieu, le Casse-Croûte, etc.). All activities were then brought together on one site, at Herve.

In 2003

Herve Société took over Vanderheyden cheese makers from Pepinster, refiners of regional specialities: le Trou d’Sottai, le Bou d’Fagne and le Fleur de Fagne.

In 2007

Cheese makers Leconte de Battice join forces with Herve Société. From now on, the Herve Les Beaux-Prés cheese is manufactured in Herve.

In 2021

In 40 years, Herve Société cheese dairy has evolved from a Herve cheese refiner to the largest cheese dairy in Wallonia producing a wide range of local cheeses. This is why Herve Société has changed its name to Terre de fromages!