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Terre de fromages is intimately linked to its place of origin: the Pays de Herve. We are proud of having perpetuated the age-old tradition of making Herve cheese PDO. To be able to pass on this treasure to future generations, we must assume responsibility locally for sustainable development, beyond the walls of our cheese production facilities.

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Inside the company, reducing our environmental impact is part of our action plan. For example, we have set up a cogeneration plant, monitored and reduced the waste products generated during production, our energy and water needs, and of course recycling general waste.
Wanting to preserve our planet and adopt a rational use of natural resources, Terre de fromages is committed to putting respect for the environment and the reduction of its impact on it, at the heart of everything they do.

This environmental policy aims to :
Incorporate respect for the environment into the company’s values
Reduce the impact of waste and polluting materials generated by its activities
Optimise the use of water and fossil fuels
Educate and involve each employee of this policy
Communicate commitments and results

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Marguerite Happy Cow

In 2015, after several years of research and development,
the Marguerite happy cow chain came into being.

Marguerite happy cow is a commitment to a local brand by several players in the dairy sector, based on the respect of good practices, in order to provide superior quality milk. The chain brings together farmers, a cattle feed producer, a milk transport company and a cheese producer.