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Le Pays de Herve

The Pays de Herve

The Pays de Herve… is the region located between the Vesdre and Meuse rivers, at the heart of the Meuse-Rhine Euregio and the Aachen-Liège-Maastricht triangle.

Beyond its excellent geographical location, 450 sq kms of wooded countryside, hedges and orchards help to create an exceptional rural landscape.

The Pays de Herve

The Pays de Herve, is an exceptional heritage, marked by history and traditions: Val-Dieu Abbey, the village of Clermont-sur-Berwinne (certified as Most Beautiful Village in Wallonia), the Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery at Hombourg, the viaduct at Moresnet, the historical centre of Herve, the charming little village of Olne… without forgetting the many castles, witnesses of a prosperous past.

Traditions and folklore

Traditions and folklore exert an unmissable charm in our region because they bring their own magic: the famous nail trees, with healing powers, at Olne, the traditional processions like “del Céqwemme” at Herve, but also the ancient brotherhoods, the benediction of the animals on St Hubert’s day at Aubel, the nut fair at Henri-Chapelle, and so on. Every Easter Monday the famous Cavalcade de Herve, a great carnival procession, which is the occasion for fun and celebration, and where Herve cheese has pride of place!

Herve cheese can pride itself on being well represented by two brotherhoods: The Seigneurie du Remoudou and the Confrérie du Herve.

The Pays de Herve
Herve cheese

The delights of the table are an integral part of tourism! It’s obvious? Maybe it is, but today, regional gastronomy has evolved, and is lighter and more inspired by regional produce. In the Pays de Herve, these are countless. First and foremost, there is Herve cheese and apple and pear syrup. As for those who love meat and pork dishes, they will delight in the many different local charcuterie specialities, lev’gos among them.
In the Pays de Herve, eating well goes with drinking well, and sensibly. During these banquets, local cider and beer have been known to tickle the taste-buds of connoisseurs.

Walk along our footpaths

Follow our pathways, walking sharpens the appetite. the paths of the Pays de Herve invite you to get your fill of green - whether on foot, on horseback, by bike or e-bike. The old, disused railway – known as Ligne 38 (Route 38) – has kept its cindered track. It is the true backbone of the Pays de Herve.

Walk along our footpaths